Dia dhuit and what’s the craic?

From September 18 until September 27 we went to “Dublin’s fair city” where we had a wonderful time. Among the many great things we did and saw during these ten days, one of our highlights was definitely Glendalough. Although it was raining cats and dogs, we enjoyed the beauty of nature and walking along the green hills of Ireland.

Another interesting stop in our journey was Croke Park where we learned about Gaelic sports, although our own sporting endeavors were limited to a night of bowling and spontaneous football sessions. We also learned a lot about historic Ireland, for example on the Famine ship “Jeannie Johnston”, in the National Museum and on the Georgian walking tour through the city center.

In school we also had a lot of fun doing tongue twisters and interviewing random people on the streets.

We also played a lot of games and learned many Irish idioms that we might never use again